Definitions for "Naam"
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The divine Name, a summary term expressing the total being of Akal Purkh.
Naam means God Itself as well as Its attributes. Therefore, in Gurbani it has been emphasized whatever is created, is the manifestation of God Itself. And there is no place without Its presence (Naam). Naam is used in place of any descriptive/specific name of God like Ram, Krishan, Rahim, Allah, and etc. since in Nanakian philosophy no descriptive or specific name can be assigned to Transcendent God.
The Creative Power-of-God, variously called Vak-Devi, Sruti or Sraosha by ancients, Nad or Akash Bani by Hindus, the holy Word by Chnstians, Kalma or Kalam-i-Qadim by Muslims, and Naam or Akhand Kirtan by Sikh Gurus. Being an emanation from the Supreme Being, it reveals the Divine Will to man.
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Naam is 1986 film starring Nutan, Sanjay Dutt and Kumar Gaurav, directed by Mahesh Bhatt. It comments on the phenomenon of Indians getting work abroad and settling there, while their families long for them. It attempts to show that the quality of life and prosperity of the West takes its toll in terms of ones roots and culture.
An Aghati Karma that determines the physique.