Definitions for "Mutilate"
Having finlike appendages or flukes instead of legs, as a cetacean.
A cetacean, or a sirenian.
To destroy or remove a material part of, so as to render imperfect; as, to mutilate the orations of Cicero.
destroy or injure severely; "The madman mutilates art work"
destroy or injure severely; "mutilated bodies"
Keywords:  maim, disfigure, hack, cripple, limb
To cut off or remove a limb or essential part of; to maim; to cripple; to disfigure; to hack; as, to mutilate the body, a statue, etc.
alter so as to make unrecognizable; "The tourists murdered the French language"
Keywords:  deprived, lost, important, part
Deprived of, or having lost, an important part; mutilated.