Definitions for "Multiform"
Multiform allows creation of Web Applications by defining their processes and business objects in a declarative XML-based language. It's made of a Javascript framework and an XSL compiler to get the application skeleton from the definitions.
A gaming style (e.g Memory, Sundowners, Past Tense, Lifelines) that moves away from a seated tabletop to allow players to explore body language, scene construction and basic theatrical technique. Players act and move as if 'on stage". Multiforming places much emphasis on team trust and mutual st orytelling, and provides time and freedom for players to explore characters, interrelationships and situations. John Hughes describes a generic Multiform as, 'locking five characters in a room and turning up the heat'. Multiforming is an Australian innovation usually associated with Systemless Gaming.
Keywords:  appearances, shapes, forms
Having many forms, shapes, or appearances.