Definitions for "LifeLines"
LifeLines is a genealogy program to help with your family history research. Its primarily strengths are its powerful scripting language and the ability easily import and export information in the GEDCOM format.
LifeLines is a genealogical software system for UNIX and related systems. It allows you to store any kind and any amount of genealogy data in a LifeLines database, and you can process and generate output based on that data in any way and in any format.
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Lifelines is an album released in 2002 by the Norwegian band a-ha.
"Lifelines" was the second single and the title track from a-ha's 2002 album, Lifelines.
Key networks for communication and survival during emergency conditions, including connected links and operating facilities in electricity, telecommunications, roading, water supply and wastewater systems. They may also include key emergency services such as ambulance, fire and civil defence services, and facilitates such as hospitals and medical centres.
Structures that are important or critical for a community to function, such as roadways, pipelines, powerlines, sewers, communications, and port facilities.
Cables that are held in place by stanchions and go around the boat to prevent people from falling overboard. A "fence" around the boat on the edge of the deck.