Definitions for "Multidimensional Scaling"
A statistical technique for displaying differences between items, as if they were points on a map, or in a 3-dimensional space. The greater the distance, the more different the items are - in the opinions of people who rated them. This is the statistical technique used for perceptual mapping.
A technique that takes a matrix of dissimilarities or 'distances' (metric and non-metric) among a set of objects and creates a spatial configuration of these objects such that the distances between pairs of objects match as closely as possible the dissimilarities. In using the technique, one strives to have as few dimensions as possible in the configuration; two are the most ideal for mapping the pattern.
A statistical technique that allows attitudinal data to be collected for several attributes in a manner that allows data analysis to produce a single overall rating of a retailer (rather than a profile of individual characteristics).