Definitions for "MUDA"
Anything that interrupts the flow of products and services through the value stream and out to the customer is designated Muda ­ or waste.
a Japanese term indicating efforts that do not add value (waste). Some categories of muda are defects, over production or excess inventory, idle time and poor layout.
A lean manufacturing term for waste. Anything the company does that the customer is not willing to pay for.
Muda has become an Internet meme due to the popularity of a Flash animation featuring characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure performing special moves from the series' two videogames, known only as Mudah.swf. The animation features the character Dio Brando using his stand "The World". When an opposing stick figure attacks with a sword, a beige figure appears in front of him (presumed to be The World) and unleashes a barrage of punches with the battle cry "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!"
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A muda was the convoy of ships which usually left Venice in spring and came back in autumn; in the most ancient times mudas sailed only for the Levant but later they reached also Western ports. They did not bring only merchants and goods but also knowledge, ideas and culture. They were the necessary link for those who lived in far off countries but wanted to remain in contact and cooperate.
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Dull, inert
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period of time