Definitions for "Moviola"
a brand of old, noisy, cantankerous upright editing machines which has been in use since the "golden age" of Hollywood and it's still used by veterans who claim it's much faster and more efficient
a mechanical film transport and viewing screen, for looking at picture film, and listening to Optical or Mag sound film It has a built-in amplifier, and volume controls for each track
Moviola editing machines come in two types; upright and flatbed, though when someone refers to a Moviola she usually means an upright. Upright Moviolas are compact machines, about the size of a small refrigerator, that allow for the editing of one image track and one soundtrack simultaneously. Upright Moviolas were replaced as an industry standard by flatbed editing machines, which allow editing of more soundtracks at once, and provide a larger viewing screen.