Definitions for "Mortgagee"
Keywords:  lends, whom, mortgagor, society, pledge
The person to whom property is mortgaged, or to whom a mortgage is made or given.
The person or institution that is lending the money on the property.
A lender who advances money which is secured by a mortgage.
Keywords:  hfc, finance, bank, title, credit
The HFC or bank that provides credit or finance against the title to the property.
Person who has borrowed and placed a lien on a property
The person or company who receives the property interest as security for payment of the debt.
The seller of the property who receives payment.
A person that takes or receives a mortgage.
The person taking the mortgage and making payments with interest.
The mortgage company.
The person or company who provides the loan funds to the borrower.
Keywords:  agreement, borrower
The borrower in a mortgage agreement.