Definitions for "Moria"
Keywords:  balrog, tolkien, fiction, mine, lord
In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, Moria was an ominous name given to what had once been an enormous underground complex in north-western Middle-earth, comprising a vast network of tunnels, chambers, mines and huge halls or 'mansions', that ran under and ultimately through the Misty Mountains.
Moria is an old roguelike computer game, based on a story from The Lord of the Rings. The goal in the game is to reach the bottom of the maze of mines of Moria and kill the Balrog. The original version was written by Robert Alan Koeneke at the University of Oklahoma after he became hooked on Rogue but could not run it on the VAX 11/780 computer running VMS to which he had access.
In the fictional Star Craft universe, Moria is a mineral-rich world located in the Koprulu Sector. The name is a reference to Tolkien's Lord of The Rings where Moria is the mine where the Fellowship is led after failing to pass through Mt. Caradhras, and where Gandalf the Grey faces the Balrog.
Idiocy; imbecility; fatuity; foolishness.
In ancient Greece, a moria was an olive tree considered to be the property of the State.
Moria is a central http-based authentication service to be used by web services. Moria support both authentication and transfer of user attributes.