Definitions for "Mopping"
An application of bitumen applied hot with a mop or mechanical applicator to the substrate or to the felts of a built-up roofing membrane.
In roofing, a layer of hot bitumen mopped between plies of roofing felt. Full mopping is the application of bitumen by mopping in such a manner that the surface being mopped is entirely coated with a reasonably uniform coating. Spot Mopping is the procedure of applying hot bitumen in a random fashion of small daubs, as compared to full mopping. Sprinkle mopping is a special application of installing insulation to the decks. It is done by dipping a roof mop into hot bitumen and sprinkling the material onto the deck. Strip Mopping is the application of bitumen in parallel bands.
The application of hot asphalt or coat tar using a mop or mechanical applicator to the surface or plies of a roofing membrane.
Using a very large, soft brush (resembling a make-up brush) to lightly blend color in a given area. This brush should always be softly "pounced" up and down, not dragged across the surface.
cleaning with a mop; "he gave it a good mopping"
Mopping is the process of cleaning the floor using a mop fastened to the end of a handle for washing floors.
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See buffing.