Definitions for "Embedment"
Keywords:  bitumen, uniformly, felt, granules, mat
The process of pressing a felt, aggregate, fabric, mat, or panel uniformly and completely into hot asphalt or adhesive to ensure intimate contact at all points. (Also BROOMING.)
In roofing, to uniformly press one material into another, such as aggregate into bitumen, roofing felt into bitumen, or granules into a coating.
(1) the process of installing or pressing-in a reinforcement felt, fabric, mat or panel uniformly into bitumen or adhesive; (2) the process of pressing granules into coating during the manufacture of factory-pre-pared roofing; (3) the process whereby ply sheet, aggregate, or other roofing components settle into hot- or cold-applied bitumen via the force of gravity.
Materials such as a product replica, for example, are suspended in a clear substrate, usually poured acrylic or Lucite(r).
Medallion, logo or everyday object is buried deep in what appears to be solid glass but instead is acrylic
The enclosure of an electronic, electrical, or electromechanical device in a resin matrix. Most commonly, the embedding matrix is composed of a thermosetting polymer than can be converted from a liquid to a solid by heat, chemical reaction and/or a combination of these. The device is buried or encased in the liquid, which then forms a protective shell when the liquid hardens.
Casting in plastic. Can be done with photos and translites, or transparencies.
Localized plastic deformation which occurs in the vicinity of clamped fasteners or in the fastener threads. Endurance Limit: The endurance limit is the maximum stress that a fastener can withstand without failure for a specified number of stress cycles. (Also called Fatigue Limit.)
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The act of embedding, or the state of being embedded.