Definitions for "misalignment"
The act of aligning improperly or state of being improperly aligned.
Term used to decribe when a vehicles alignment is out of manufacturers specifications.
the spatial property of things that are not properly aligned
In stereo usage, a condition where one homologue or view is higher or lower than the other. Where the misalignment is rotational in both views, there is tilt; in one view only, twist. Viewing a misaligned stereogram can result in diplopia or produce eyestrain.
Where two-terminal surface mounted components move during the soldering process, due to the different times that lands at opposite ends of the component reach solder temperature. See Drawbridging, tombstoning.
Misregistration of the centerline of the component lead with respect to the centerline of the bonding pad on the substrate.
Improper relative image positioning. Molecular dye imaging materials: A particular diazo material sensitometrically designed for phototool applications by the manufacturer.
degree of movement achieved by a pivot. Here is a diagram showing the available misalignment of a uniball.
Deviation of an actual line from a theoretical ideal line, for example a bearing axis from the shaft axis; may be due to machining, flexing of shaft or deformation of housing.
A bone which has moved from its normal position in relation to an adjacent bone or bones (see Subluxation).
a warping or a distortion in that layer of your energy body