Definitions for "Meetings"
with the pervasiveness of the Mirnaya Direvnya, meetings have multiple approaches, which need to be distinguished within the words used to describe them, as follows. These words' semantics project onto the hearer, that is, this is what s/he can expect from the meeting. I didn't adapt words from another language here because of the small chance that such words exist and even if they did, they'd be too inaccessible to The Reader. The following kinds of meetings can be taken
get together of group members forming groups 21
an important facet of every compulsive gamblers recovery program
1. Groups of men and/or women who come together to discuss and share our experience, strength and hope of recovery. Meetings are held all over the world. Look in the White Pages of the telephone book under "Alcoholics Anonymous" for a number to call and ask where you can attend a meeting. Believe it or not, police stations are another good place to inquire about meeting sites and times. 2. Some are better than others! Go to different meetings to find the one that best catches your attention. Remember, you don’t have to "feel" comfortable in a meeting to get something out of it. In fact, you’ll probably not feel comfortable for a while. We didn’t either, so no big deal.
a stumbling block that quite unecessarily impedes the entrance to a large number of suffering active alcoholics
Meetings are Entries that take up a specific block of time in your Agenda. You can invite other users and Resources to your Meetings, and set them to repeat at an interval that you specify. Back to the top
Association meetings, breakfast or luncheon meetings, Board of Governors and Senate meetings, etc.
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a waste of time, because you never write orders the way you can at the BEA
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a requirement of the class