Definitions for "Meconium"
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The contents of the fetal intestine; hence, first excrement.
the term applied to a newborn baby’s first bowel movement. Baby’s first bowel movement, or meconium, will be very dark, almost black, in color and is very sticky. It is important for meconium to pass from the newborn baby so that the liver can start eliminating bilirubins from the body, if meconium does not pass the bilirubin back up can cause jaundice. A doctor or midwife will have a new mother check a new baby’s diapers to make sure that the meconium has passed out.
The sticky, greenish-black bowel movement normally expelled by newborns during the first few days after birth.
wastes excreted from the anus after the imago emerges from the chrysalis.
fecal material that accumulates in the pupa that is eliminated when the adult emerges.
The waste material produced by a butterfly pupa that is expelled when the pupa emerges as an adult.
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