Definitions for "Maxi"
Maxi (born 23 February 1950) is an Irish radio disc-jockey and producer; actor, journalist, and singer. Her real name is Irene McCoubrey. She was nicknamed Maxi in school because of the McC letters in her name.
Maxi is a groceries store located in Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1984, it is a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited. The chain is the Quebec equivalent of No Frills (grocery store).
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Maxi (真喜志 Makishi) is a fictional character designed for the Soul series of fighting games. Maxi made his first appearance in Soul Calibur and has returned for Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III.
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used of women's clothing having a hemline at the ankle; "wanted a maxi-length coat"; "a maxidress"
A boat designed to the maximum rating allowed under the International Offshore Rule, or more recently, the international measurement system.
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The Maxi ISA can hold all three of the different type of investments that are allowed; Cash, Life Assurance and Stocks and Shares. One Company manages the investments on behalf of the individual investing.
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long skirt