Definitions for "Match funding"
European Structural Funds meet only a proportion of the cost of any project, the rest of the cost of a project has to be funded from other sources, which can be either public or private sector – this is called match funding
The term used when funders will only fund a percentage of the total cost of a project (eg: 50%) and require the remainder to be matched with income from other funders on donations in kind.
Match Funding is an essential part of how the European Social Fund (ESF) works. ESF can only meet a part of the eligible costs of a project and the balance has to be found from other sources. Match Funding is the amount organisations (other than ESF) give towards the eligible costs of a project. Match funding can be either public funding or a combination of public and private funding. Co-financing organisations are able to provide match funding on behalf of the applicant.
A gift that is made on condition that it be matched within a certain period, either on a one-to-one basis or in accordance with some other formula; also a gift by a corporation matching a gift by one of its employees.