Definitions for "Intermediation"
An activity performed by banks and other financial institutions, aimed at matching the financial needs of certain companies with the financial surpluses of other companies. Banks can purchase direct claims from deficit units, while issuing secondary claims to depositors. Opposite: disintermediation. Français: Intermediation Español: Intermediación
The process of pooling and supplying funds for investment by financial institutions called intermediaries. The process is dependent on individual savers placing their funds with these institutions and foregoing opportunities to directly invest in the investments selected.
The placement of money with financial intermediaries (banks, thrifts, insurance companies) which in turn invest in stocks, bonds, and/or mortgages. See: Disintermediation.
The act of coming between; intervention; mediation; interposition.
the act of mediating
International Bank For Reconstruction And Development
Intermittency Internal expansion
Court order on an issue directly related to the immediate action.