Definitions for "Masks"
Coverings worn over the face or part of the face of an actor to emphasize or neutralize facial characteristics.
Created by the Iroquois, "false face" masks of wood or cornhusks were used in healing ceremonies; typically worn by societies of lay shamans. While false face masks have a strong history, they have been made, traded, and sold almost continuously since the 1800s. Even as late as the 1960s and '70s, the Iroquois were carving false face masks for sale, many of which appear on the market today.
Made almost exclusively of carved wood; very rarely made of copper, and in more recent times of bone and ivory. Usually depict spirit and ancestral figures. Used in storytelling, feasts, and other ceremonial events, most typically during winter seasons when much activity took place indoors. Eskimo masks are among the most collectible of Native American artwork.
Most older technology excimer laser machines employ different kinds of masks to customize, refine, and smooth the corneal surface. Many machines have an internal constricting diaphragm (like a camera f-stop mechanism) as an internal mask. Variable rotation of the masks is used to deal with astigmatism.
Usually found at fetish balls, used by primitivists, and in-scene. Dominants may use them to create heightened sense of danger/arousal in a submissive or by submissives as a kind of sensory deprivation.
there are a variety of different masks available and they can be used to fight the effects of ageing, to give the skin a deep and thorough cleaning, to help eliminate excess oil, debris and impurities which lends the skin a healthy complexion.
These products come in different forms: gel, cream, paste, foam... They are products which act over a pre-set time of between 5 and 20 minutes. There are two types of mask: cleaning masks and masks with specific active ingredients designed to hydrate,firm and vitalize the skin, etc.
"Masks" is an episode from the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Masks is a comic based on the Angel television series.
Masks used in the chip making process are like stencils. When used with the UV light, masks create the various circuit patterns on each layer of the microprocessor.
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Fixed input computer screens with set boxes to be filled in or ticked before you can progress through the program.
Outlines used for cropping so that only certain portions of the negatives or slides are printed.