Definitions for "Mapper"
Keywords:  udi, metalanguage, scsi, fibre, unlike
a UDI software-only driver that maps one metalanguage to another, for example a Fibre Channel to SCSI mapper. A mapper is 100% UDI code, unlike an external mapper. Also known as an internal mapper.
The integration of DMI 2.0 technology is done through the Mapper, that acts as a subagent. The Mapper receives the requests from the Master Agent and converts them into appropriate DMI requests that are sent to the DMI Service Provider. When the Mapper receives the response from the DMI Service Provider, it converts this response into the SNMP response and forwards it to the Manager through the Master Agent.
A component of the FunnelWeb program that reads in the input file and creates a copy of it in memory.
a component that finds native devices in a native middleware
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a clerk who marks data on a chart
a Java object that represents the data store encapsulated by JORM
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A device that translates MIDI data from one form to another in real time.
In the Enterprise Access Builder, a class that maps the properties of a bean (for example, a record) to or from the properties of a set of beans (for example, business objects). Mappers are constructed in the mapper builder.
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a person who creates levels for computer and/or video games