Definitions for "Mambot"
Include examples such as WYSIWYG editors, 3rd party component and module searchers, etc. to make this definition clear.
a short string representing an object inserted into content
A small program that is executed immediately before any content item is displayed in the website front end. The program can manipulate the output, and replace special tokens or tags embedded in the content with some kind of functionality or formatting. For example, there is a mambot available which restricts the visibility of content depending on the access level of a user. There is also a built-in mambot which allows you to include images in your content. Mambots are usually implemented in content by inserting a special tag delimited by curly braces, and can have parameters which allow you to configure how the mambot works.
Keywords:  cms, plugs, event, code, piece
A piece of code that performs some useful function, and plugs in to an event within a Mambo CMS.