Definitions for "Plugs"
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Dowels that simulate the Colonial American plugged or pegged plank look. They are used to cover countersunk screws when installing wood flooring or for decorative purposes in wood flooring.
Dowels that simulate the Colonial American plugged, or pegged plank look. Sometimes used to cover counter-sunk screws when installing plank.
A imitation fish with mounted hooks made of wood or plastic used for catching predatory fish
A plastic or wooden imitation of a fish, mounted with hooks, used for catching predatory fish.
Fishing Plugs are wood or synthetic made lures, to which hooks are attached, that are used to skip along the surface (Poppers) or plane just under the surface (Wobbler) to attract game fish. They're usually used while surf fishing by casting them past the breakers or during times of mellow surf. Large lures like the ones from can be used to catch large freshwater fish like muskies and northern pike.
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Small round or square pieces of sod that can be planted to establish new lawns.
Sound wood of various shapes, including among others, circular and dog-bone, for replacing defective portions of veneers. Also synthetic plugs used to fill openings and provide a smooth, level, durable surface. Plugs usually are held in veneer by friction until veneers are bonded into plywood.
Circular pieces of sod that are planted in a grid formation to start a new lawn.
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Slang: Ear plugs. Not commonly used except by truck drivers. Sound men can't use them and light guys tend not to. Submitted by Karl Kuenning RFL from Roadie Net.
A plug is basically an exact finished part or the exact shape and size you want your final fiberglass product to be. The plug is the male part that we pull a female mold from. When we lay-up fiberglass in a mold, the part has to be able to be pulled from the mold - so every angle must be obtuse (at least a degree or two) or else the part wouldn't lift out of the mold. If your existing parts or plugs don't have an angle to them, we'll either need to rebuild them with angles or add a bit to your current part to achieve the desired angle. Overall, this usually won't change the look of your part but it's a critical step to making fiberglass pieces.
Young seedlings grown in roughly one-inch-across and four-inch-deep tubular holes, generally grown in a "plug pack" with six such holes or a "plug tray" with three or four dozen. Growers can sell the entire plug pack or plug tray, or they can transfer the seedlings to larger individual pots.
Bodies of igneous rock that have cooled in the throat of a volcano and subsequently been exposed by erosion. Often columnar jointed.
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a breeze because when you unscrew the barrel, the plug comes off very easily
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a BRAND second to Recorder