Definitions for "Lusters"
These are colors and metals like gold, which are painted on the surface, and then fired in a kiln to leave a permanent decoration.
A form of metallic decoration or pottery or glass introduced in the Middle East before 900 A.D. Lusters can be made from metallic resinates, such as Cu, Mn, or Co in a solvent. The firing conditions must be reducing, this being achieved by the presence of reducing agents in the luster composition and/or by adjustment of the kiln atmosphere.
Metallic materials applied on glazed surfaces. Lusters are pure metals dissolved by hydrochloric acid, which are then suspended in an oil base that can be applied with a brush. Precious metals are often used but whatever the metal, lusters are generally only used as highlights such as pinstripes or small applications. The firing is at an extremely low temperature (1200 F). The oil resin is burned out leaving, on the glaze surface, a very thin deposit of metal that can easily rubbed of with extended use of the piece. See also glaze.
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