Definitions for "Loops"
Hydronic radiant systems heat a home by circulating hot water through tubing placed in evenly spaced layouts under the finished floor of the home. There are limits to the length of a tube that water can be efficiently pumped through. Warmboard uses1/2" I.D. tubing. It is accepted hydronic practice to limit the length of any single circuit of 1/2" tubing to less than 350 feet. Each of these circuits is called a loop. Most homes will have their floor area heated by a varying number these loops.
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A circle, cycle, story, metaphor or representation that goes back to its own beginning, so that it loops back (feeds back) onto itself. An open loop: a story left unfinished. A closed loop: finishing a story. In strategies: loop refers to getting hung up in a set of procedures that have no way out, the strategy fails to exit.
Open loops  Loops which open at the base when activated. Closed loops  Loops which remain closed at the base when activated (reverse loops). Omega loop  A short loop used as a tie back or to activate loops.
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Coil-like wire shapes at the ends of extension springs that provide for attachment and force application.
Formed ends with minimal gaps at the ends of extension springs.
Closed hooks at the end of extension springs. M-P
In places where they are installed (often public places), loops eliminate background noise and improve the clarity of sound for hearing aid wearers with a telecoil (T Switch) in their hearing aid.
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a relative notion
Device buried in the road surface which is used for passively recording traffic speed profiles.
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Small holes or slots in a building through which weapons could be fired.
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See Drip Loops.