Definitions for "Line speed"
Keywords:  baud, bps, reliably, bits, transmitted
The maximum transmission rate over a communications channel, usually expressed in bits per second (bps).
See baud.
n. The number of binary digits that can be sent over a telecommunication line in one second, expressed in bits per second (bps).
Keywords:  ivn, fpm, dialer, rewinding, cpm
This is the requested bandwidth for a video connection. The default line speed for IVN video calls is 384 kbps. This setting can be fixed to 384 for your address book numbers, but if a connection is to be made through a hand dialer, it MUST be set to 384 before the call is attempted.
See bandwidth.
This can refer to the running speed of an individual procedure of a machine, or series of machines, involved in laminating and rewinding.
The velocity of a substrate as it passes underneath the inkjet printheads.