Definitions for "linda "
Svetlana Lyvovna Geiman (Russian: Светлана Львовна Гейман) (born April 29 1975, in Kentau, a town on the border of China and Kazakhstan, known as Linda, is the vocalist of her own band, also named Linda. She is very popular in Russia and is gaining popularity in Europe.
"Linda" is a popular song. It was written by Jack Lawrence, and published in 1946.
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linda is a simple library implementation of the Linda parallel programming system . To write a parallel program with linda, you have to know only 6 functions: spawn, out, in, inp, rd, and rdp. linda was originally written by Wong Weng Fai.
A union catalogue containing all the library catalogues of Finnish university libraries.
Parallel programming language based on a Virtual Shared Memory Model. Combines the coordination language of Linda with the programming languages of C (C-Linda) and Fortran (F-Linda) to offer a parallel application development environment from Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.
In the Estonian mythology and Kreutzwald's epic "Kalevipoeg", Linda was the mother of Kalevipoeg and the wife of Kalev.
an Attorney Lois works for a paperwholesaler in the credit dept
Linda is the debut album by Australian singer Linda George.
a sexy woman. [Spanish
an english name, either from the spanish "linda", meaning "beautiful", or from the germanic "linde", meaning "soft, tender".
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a red hot Mama who wants a major change
an internationally known author, teacher and lecturer
a licensed massage therapist, board certified in the state of Ohio
a leader in the business brokerage profession
a high speed vessel for passenger transportation
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Linda is a female given name.