Definitions for "Lemurs"
Spirits of the dead who returned to visit (more likely torment) the living. Ghosts. The Lemuria was celebrated on May 9, 11, and 13 (three non-consecutive days and on odd numbered days of the month, even days being unlucky). On each morning, the head of the household would rise at midnight and roam the house in his bare feet. He would first make a gesture with his hand, fingers closed around his thumb, then wash his hands in pure water. Then, nine times, he would spit out a black bean from his mouth and say, "with these beans, I redeem me and mine." He would do this without looking back. Then he would wash again and clash two bronze vessels together, then repeat nine times, "Ghosts of my fathers, be gone."
An order of primates found only in Madagascar that are thought to resemble the early ancestors of monkeys, apes, and humans. They live in trees, eat leaves and fruit, and most are social. They range from tiny (the pygmy mouse lemur weighs only 30 grams) to about 7 kilograms.