Definitions for "Apes "
Apes is a process production tool . It enables you to model according to the SPEM standards. Once the model is created, it enables you to generate a Web site that documents the process.
The white apes of Barsoom are very much similar in appearance and build as the green martians, having six limbs and of tremendous size. The head of the savage creature is like that of the African gorilla and a shock of thick, stiff-bristled hair runs from the back of the skull and neck to the upper shoulders. The white apes are found everywhere on Barsoom, but frequent the dead cities which provide them with shelter and hunting. Image is a detail from a Frazetta image.
gorillas, common chimpanzees, pygmy chimpanzees (bonobos), orang-utans and gibbons.
1. Animals which should not still be around if evolution were true. 2. Animals that are genetically similar to humans only because God created them that way, separately. [See Monkeys.