Definitions for "Legal Entity"
A legal entity (although this is not an exhaustive list) can be an individual, industrial or commercial firm, a university, research organisation, partnership, Associated State, Third State, a country with a Co-operation Agreement, or an SME.
A person or organization that can legally enter into a contract, and may therefore be sued for failure to comply with the terms of the contract.
Business organization that is recognized by the law as having a separate legal existence.
an individual, an incorporated body, a corporation with an ACN, or a government or government agency
an individual person, a body incorporated under the Australian Corporations Act or overseas equivalent or under an Australian or overseas Act of Parliament e
a Yugoslav resident if he/she is incorporated in Yugoslavia or has the seat of effective management and control in Yugoslavia
Keywords:  albeit, theory, unique, model, key
a model, albeit one that in theory should have a key that defines it as being "unique"