Definitions for "PERSONHOOD"
The crux of the issue of prenatal child-killing. The state of possessing those qualities deemed essential to recognition and protection of the law.
According to Tom Kitwood, " It is a standing or status that is bestowed upon one human being, by others, in the context of relationship and social being. It implies recognition, respect and trust. Both the according of personhood, and the failure to do so, have consequences that are empirically testable. Here's a few other definitions: " It involves promoting their continued individuality rather than forcing them to do whatever the group does. " " It is the golden rule come to life - how do you want to treated as a person, individual, a human being ? "To me personhood embodies all of those characteristics, values, experiences and nuances that makes each person who they are. Personhood to me is what makes each of us unique and special. "
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being a person; "finding her own personhood as a campus activist"
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is an aspect and reflection of Divine Mind.