Definitions for "Left-Hand path"
Being left handed, I've never liked this term. It's common meaning is a person who follows the left-hand path, is following a path of darkness or "black" magick. Practioners DO NOT follow the Rede, and believe it is ok to harm others for the good of themselves. I DO NOT follow this path! I have always tried to "walk in the light." But BEWARE, there are those out there that do.
The terms Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path refer to a postulated dichotomy between two distinct types of religion. The exact meaning of the terms has varied over time; the most modern usage regards religions which focus upon the worship of one or more deities and the observance of strict moral codes as belonging to the Right-Hand Path, while religions which value the advancement of the self over other goals are considered to belong to the Left-Hand Path.
Defined by some as the path of "black Magick." Defined by others as the paths which stress doing and action over being and stillness. In Tantra it is used to mean Vama Marg, or lunar-feminine.