Definitions for "LDA"
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local distribution area. An area that includes the rate centers (NXXs) served by an originating city.
Localizer-Type Directional Aid
see LSDA.
London Development Agency. A new regional body that has been created to promote economic development and regeneration and will be responsible for formatting and delivering the Mayor's Economic Development Strategy for London. Established in July 2000.
The Regional Development Agency for London.
London Development Agency. Works with business to sustain and improve London's role as a business centre, while increasing economic opportunity for all Londoners.
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Long Distance Access Fee A fee imposed by the FCC to help to cover the cost of connecting your 1+ telephone line to the PSTN for long distance service.
Landing distance available Metre Magnetic
Landing Distance Available or Localizer Type Direction Aid
Laboratory Device Automation profile
Listening Devices Act 1984 (NSW)
Last date of attendance or Late Disbursement Affidavit.
Learning Disabilities Association of North Carolina