Definitions for "Latent semantic indexing"
A way of indexing search results so that sites come up which may not necessarily contain the specific search term used, but several similar words.
A technique in information retreival used to process large natural language documents, such as websites, to identify the overall focus of the document by tackling two main problems - identifying synonyms and differentiating polysems (same word with multiple meanings).
LSI is the Acronym of Latent Semantic Indexing, also known as Latent Semantic Analysis. It is a kind of Information Retrieval (IR) which switches the current lexical functioning of every search engine to a semantic one. In this kind of indexing, it is possible that a query returns results which do not contain the keyword or the keywords serched; without any doubt this is the future of searche engines ; rumors say Google is hard at work at LSI and a 'proof' is that searching on Google with Latent Semantic Indexing u van view an adword about Google hiring...