Definitions for "LARGE FORMAT"
Keywords:  banquet, pinhole, panoramic, film, aps
The largest of modern film formats (the most popular being 5"x4" & 10"x8"), especially suited for high quality commercial work.
There are four main film classifications today: APS Standard Format (35mm), Medium Format, and Large Format. Large Format basically refers to any film that is larger than 120 (MF). 4x5, 6x7, and 8x10 are the common large format films today. The advantage LF has over the other films is the possibility of extreme enlargements with very little loss in quality. Contact Prints can be made from LF negatives with out the need for a large format enlarger. Grain is non existent on large format negatives as well.
Generally any film format in which negatives are larger than 4 x 5 inches is considered large format. Other sizes include 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches, and 11 x 14 inches. Most large format cameras are view cameras, field cameras, or specialty cameras.
Large chain foodstores, mass merchandisers, chain drug stores, club stores and military bases.