Definitions for "Killing Time"
Keywords:  album, bisi, hiatus, trio, punk
Killing Time is a Girl album that was released after the band broke up.
Killing Time was a hardcore punk band from New York City, New York, USA. From their beginnings in 1988, under the name Raw Deal, they went on to record two full-length albums and several EPs, singles, and compilation tracks. The band went through three hiatus before formally disbanding in 1998.
Killing Time is a 1981 album by United States experimental rock trio, Massacre. It comprises studio recordings made at Martin Bisi's studio in Brooklyn, New York City in June 1981, and live recordings taken from their April 1981 Paris concerts.
The shortest and least eventful of Time Squad episodes, Killing Time simply involves the Squad standing in a field in Poland, waiting for their computer to reboot so they can go home. The pretext was that they were to tell Copernicus to conduct his research on the sun instead of a different subject. Copernicus agrees instantly and disappears inside his observatory.
Killing Time is a dystopian novel by Caleb Carr set in the Mid-21st Century. It was first published in 2000 by Random House. It includes criticisms of the information age (see quotes below).
Killing Time is a horror-themed first-person shooter video game developed by 3 DO. Though meant at first as an exclusive for their 3 DO Interactive Multiplayer console, it was later ported to the Windows 95 PC platform in 1996 by Intrepid Software and to the Macintosh when the 3DO system failed to meet sales expectations.