Definitions for "Jute"
The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian Corchorus olitorius, and Corchorus capsularis; also, the plant itself. The fiber is much used for making mats, gunny cloth, cordage, hangings, paper, etc.
A strong fiber from a plant used to make burlap bags and some carpet backing.
The Fibre Obtained From The Bast Layer Of The Plants Corchorus Capsularis And Corchorus Olitorius., Note 1:commercially, Jute Is Divided Into Two Main Classes, White Jute Generally Being Associated With Corchorus Capsularis, And Dark Jute With Corchorus Olitorius., Note 2:each Of The Above-noted Classes Is Further Sub-divided Into Numerous Grades Denoting Quality And Other Characteristics.
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