Definitions for "John Munro"
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John Carr Munro, PC , BA , LL.B (March 16, 1931 - August 19, 2003) was a Canadian politician. He was first elected to the Canadian House of Commons in the 1962 election, and served continuously as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Hamilton, Ontario in the electoral riding of Hamilton East until his resignation in 1984 following his defeat for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada which was eventually won by John Turner.
John Munro (1889-1918), was a Scottish soldier and poet who won the Military Cross during the First World War. He fell in action with the 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. Munro was born in Swordale, Isle of Lewis and, writing in his native Gaelic as "Iain Rothach", came to be ranked by critics alongside the major war poets.
John Munro (1728 - October 27 1800) was a soldier, judge and political figure in Upper Canada.