Definitions for "JellyFish"
Any one of the acalephs, esp. one of the larger species, having a jellylike appearance. See Medusa and acaleph.
Approximately 200 transparent or translucent marine species in the phylum Cnidaria and class Scyphozoa that spend a majority of their life in the medusa stage that follows an immature, polyp stage. Medusae have a central, radially symmetric bell (or “medusa”) and tentacles called nematocysts that hang below in order to stun and ensnare prey.
Some inflatables "jellyfish" rythmically when they fly in the air, hence the term. This is due to either poor design, or varying wind conditions, or the kite losing air and flopping around more than your manhood hanging free.
In 1994, it became the first commercial neural-net backgammon program. Search
A neural net computer program that plays backgammon, analysis and performs rollouts. Developed by JellyFish AS.
Jellyfish are salted and flaccid to the tough. Strictly speaking they are preserved, not dried. The best kind is amber in color, large thick and firm pieces. It doesn’t have any special taste of its own but its gelatinous texture is highly enjoyable. Usually used in salad and indispensable in assorted cold starters. See how to soften and prepare jellyfish.
a radially symmetric animal with internal organs that are visible through its transparent, gelatinous body
San Francisco's short-lived power pop band Jellyfish was a project of drummer/singer/songwriter Andy Sturmer, keyboard player/multi-instrumentalist Roger Joseph Manning Jr., "Band Witchdoctor and Mime" Chris Manning (Roger Joseph Manning Jr.'s brother who joined the band as bass-player upon the completion of Bellybutton) and guitarist Jason Falkner.
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JellyFish is a toolkit for persisting Java objects to LDAP. Its goals are similar to those of Java Data Objects, but it targets JNDI instead of JDBC. JellyFish has a built-in filesystem JNDI provider, so you do not need an LDAP server to try it.
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carnivorous zooplankton; common in Gulf of Maine and Wells Reserve.
a wonderful example of this ability of motion in the ocean
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See N-fish (with N=4).