Definitions for "Jared"
a supervisor, certified Treeworker, climber and a huge asset to the family business, Evergreen Tree Care, located in the East San Francisco Bay Area of California
Jared is a popular masculine first name (in the United States and other countries) of Biblical derivation, etymologically of the Hebrew language. Translated it means "descent", denoting both 'descendent' and 'to fall'. In the Hebrew it is written ירד / יֶרֶד / יָרֶד, pronounced yĕ\yā́-rĕḏ.
In the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon, Jared was the name of the primary ancestor of the Jaredites. He, his brother, their families and their friends came to the "promised land" (the Americas) shortly after the Tower of Babel.Jared is also the name of a later Jaredite king who dethroned his father, Omer.