Definitions for "James Miller"
James Miller (25 April 1776 - 7 July 1851) was a member of the United States House of Representatives from New Hampshire, the first Governor of Arkansas Territory, and a Brigadier General in the United States Army during the War of 1812.
James Jarrett Miller also known as Fan Man (October 28, 1963–2002) was a parachutist and paraglider pilot from Henderson, Nevada, known for his outrageous appearances at various sporting events. His most famous appearance was during a 1993 boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fan Man made headlines in the USA when he used his Powered paraglider, to fly into the arena, eventually crashing into the ring.
James Henry Dominic Miller (December 18, 1968 - May 2, 2003) was a Welsh cameraman, producer, and director. He often worked with Saira Shah, with whom he set up an independent production company called Frostbite Productions in 2001. He was killed by the Israel Defense Forces on May 2, 2003 while filming a documentary in Rafah.