Definitions for "Ishtar "
In Babylonian mythology, goddess of love and war. Ruler of the Moon, as well as the morning and evening stars (alternate names for the planet Venus).
The Babylonian equivalent of Isis.
Ishtar is a 1987 motion picture comedy, directed by Elaine May and starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman as "Rogers and Clarke", a duo of incredibly untalented lounge singers who stumble into a political conflict in the fictional North African nation of Ishtar. It also starred Isabelle Adjani and Charles Grodin and was shot by Vittorio Storaro. The songs in the film were written by Paul Williams, with additional help from Hoffman and May.
Ishtar (born Eti Zach; November 10th, 1968) is an Israeli Oriental pop singer. She is best known for her work as the front vocalist of the French-based band Alabina and her solo pop hits such as C'est La Vie and Last Kiss.
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The comic reference to the personality that emerges within Rob when he has consumed a far greater quantity of alchohol than his liver was initially expecting. Ishtar cares little for how much he spends, how much he shouts, how many drinks he spills, or how many women he scares off.
Ishtar is a set of three C++ libraries that provide useful classes for networked applications. It features basic serialization, a protocol for remote procedure call , network accessible variables, and hierarchical config files. A client is also provided.