Definitions for "Inside out"
Inside Out was a Hardcore and/or Metalcore band from Orange County, California - notable for being the first band fronted by Zack de la Rocha, later of Rage Against the Machine.
Inside Out is a compilation album by Dive, released by Danish label Hard Records. It was released on vinyl only in 1,000 numbered copies.
Inside Out was an album released by MC Hammer in 1995.
Descriptive of a shot hit with sidespin so that it will curve and bounce away from the opponent.
As a backhand, a throw to the right that curves left; as a forehand, a throw to the left that curves right.
adv. describing the hitting of a ball pitched on or outside leg stump to the off side of the field. The batsman was forced to play inside out.
thoroughly; from every perspective; "she knows this town inside out"
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with the inside facing outward; "she turned the shirt inside out"