Definitions for "Inquisition"
The act of inquiring; inquiry; search; examination; inspection; investigation.
Judicial inquiry; official examination; inquest.
The finding of a jury, especially such a finding under a writ of inquiry.
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Inquisition was a hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. They significantly influenced the local scene, and several members went on to form other seminal bands such as Strike Anywhere, River City High, and Ann Beretta.
Inquisition is a single by the band Skinny Puppy from the album Last Rights.
To dream of an inquisition, bespeaks for you an endless round of trouble and great disappointment. If you are brought before an inquisition on a charge of wilfulness, you will be unable to defend yourself from malicious slander.
The Inquisition (aka The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition) is a secret organisation in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They act as the secret police of the Imperium, hunting down any and all threats to the stability of the God-Emperor's realm.
Sharing the milk of human kindness through torture and ritualistic murder.
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The use of force to compel compliance to a creed
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"Inquisition" is a season six episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
a severe interrogation (often violating the rights or privacy of individuals)