Definitions for "Informal Hearing"
Short informal meeting between the parties in a workers' compensation case and presided over by a Workers' Compensation Commissioner for the purpose of resolving differences, disagreements, and the like in order to provide appropriate workers' compensation benefits to a claimant. Held in a Workers' Compensation Commission District Office, an Informal Hearing is the first level of hearing available to adverse parties in a workers' compensation case and involves discussion of any disputed issue(s) and production of appropriate supporting documents and other evidence. A workers' compensation case may include one or more Informal Hearing(s); cases in which no resolution of disputed issues occurs are recommended for Formal Hearings. However, nearly all cases involving disputed issues are resolved in Informal Hearings.
a fact-finding hearing heard by at least three members of the Commission
a structured meeting between your client and a hearing officer who is designated by the comptroller to review any issues in dispute