Definitions for "Igloo"
Keywords:  eskimo, dome, snow, hut, arctic
An Eskimo snow house.
A cavity, or excavation, made in the snow by a seal, over its breathing hole in the ice.
domed winter house made of snow blocks.
A structural AIR container contoured to the dimensions of a standard body aircraft which holds consolidated freight and facilitates the loading and unloading of the aircraft.
A contoured structural container designed for use in main-deck carriage on narrow body aircraft.
A specially designed, contoured container that is used in the main deck carriage on a narrow body aircraft.
Civic Arena. Piksburgh's home of da Pens! (Submitted by P.J. Pietrandrea, Blacksburg, VA)
a brillaint peice of architecture, and it is quite cruel to make fun of those who live in them
A form of outdoor or indoor Pizza Oven enclosure where the oven walls follow the basic shape of the oven chamber to form an Igloo, or Beehive. Also a traditional Mediterranean finish style.
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an icycle built for two
a great place to spend the night on a small expedition in the mountains
An earth-covered structure used to store ammunition.
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a good example of such an outcome