Definitions for "Dunnage"
Keywords:  cargo, chafing, stowed, brace, planks
Fagots, boughs, or loose materials of any kind, laid on the bottom of the hold for the cargo to rest upon to prevent injury by water, or stowed among casks and other cargo to prevent their motion.
Any material such as foam, boards, planks, blocks, or metal bracing, used in transportation and in storage to support and secure supplies, to protect them from damage or for convenience in handling.
The packing material used to protect a product from damage during transport.
Traditional warehousing for whisky maturation, which consists of a stone or brick building, ideally with an ash and earth-covered floor. Casks are stacked no more than three high on wooden runners. Most experts believe such warehousing creates the optimum maturation conditions for malt Scotch whisky. glossary E glossary F
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