Definitions for "hypothecation"
The pledging of securities or other assets as collateral to secure a loan, such as a debit balance in a margin account.
The act of borrowing money to finance purchasing or carrying securities using those securities as collateral for the loan.
This happens when a person gives a bank authority to sell goods which have been pledged as security for a loan.
A contract whereby, in consideration of money advanced for the necessities of the ship, the vessel, freight, or cargo is made liable for its repayment, provided the ship arrives in safety. It is usually effected by a bottomry bond. See Bottomry.
It allows money received by Magistrates Courts from fixed penalties for speeding or jumping red traffic lights, to be used to meet the cost of operating speed and traffic signal cameras, instead of being paid to the Treasury.
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a commitment to transfer money collected via a tax directly to a body empowered to spend it on prespecified purposes.
The act or contract by which property is hypothecated; a right which a creditor has in or to the property of his debtor, in virtue of which he may cause it to be sold and the price appropriated in payment of his debt. This is a right in the thing, or jus in re.