Definitions for "Hubs"
Keywords:  spokes, bicycle, wheel, axle, outward
The center part of a wheel where it joins onto the axle, around which the wheel rotates.
Bicycle component located in the middle of the wheel from which the spokes radiate outward.
An approach promoted by government's ChangeUp capacity building/infrastructure framework - the development of hubs of expertise (and facilities), locally regionally or nationally, to support the sector. See Professional Bodies page.
The rigid components of the elastomeric coupling which are attached to the shafts of the driving and driven equipment.
Keywords:  reels, tape, holding, small
Small reels holding the tape.
Keywords:  struck, dies, positive, pair, metal
The positive pair of metal dies from which working dies are struck - see Working Hubs.
Central locations where gas supplies from a variety of sources are aggregated and sold
Equipment that serves as a central point for distribution within a network.
device used to connects multiple computers.
Common connection point for devices in a network.