Definitions for "HSC"
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Hipotecaria Su Casita
acronym for Hematopoietic Stem Cell. (More? Blood Notes) Hematopoietic stem cell
acronym for aematopoietic tem ell (note alternate spelling ematopoietic) (More? Blood Notes)
Higher School Certificate. certificate granted to any candidate who has satisfactorily completed, at any school, a five-year course of secondary instruction which satisfies the requirements set down by the Qualifications Authority. Back to A-Z menu
(New South Wales) Higher School Certificate. See also Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.
Higher School Certificate: the highest educational qualification attainable in the Australian secondary school system; replaced in Tasmania in 1992 by the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE).
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FM synth music used by many old games, e.g.: FINTRIS, Rol Crusaders.
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High Speed Channel. ANSI standard for high-speed channels. IBM’s SCSE announcements in June 1989 included a 100Mbyte HSC, which can be used to link any processors (IBM or non-IBM) which implement the ANSI standard. When HSC was officially announced, it had a new name: HIPPI.
High Speed Counter.
High-speed machining.
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Hot Swap Controller. A board-dependent layer that handles the ENUM# signal, which notifies the system of an insertion or removal event specified by cPCI hot swap. See also hot swap, and PCI.
Health and Safety Commission
Health Sponsorship Council
Health Services Corporation. General term to refer to a provider of an array of health services. Sometimes used in the insurance field to designate organizations that are required to meet special licensure requirements.
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See Hysteroscopy.
Host Software Component. The host software components of an STK Nearline implementation.
Honours Scrutiny Committee
Human Subjects Contact
Human Subjects Committee
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Honda Sports Concept
Hexidecimal Sequential Code. A 5/6-tone signaling format, used in some public service and private systems for selective calling or paging.
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Half Slotted Container. A corrugated box manufactured without a set of flaps.
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The Hospital for Sick Children
Hierarchical Storage Controller
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headquarters and supply company
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Home Support Consultant