Definitions for "Hot Work"
Welding, thermal or oxygen cutting, heating, and other fire producing or spark producing operations that may increase the risk of fire or explosion.
Use of open flames, other heat sources and/or spark producing devices in areas where combustible materials may be or do exist. Where there is potential for explosion or fire. OR Medium-risk work in a restricted area (inside a 50 meter radius of a live surface facility). Eg.: painting, pipe fitting in satellites, or excavating in a restricted area.
work within a Confined Space that produces arcs, sparks, flames, heat or other source of ignition. (Contact DES, Fire Safety at (301)405-3970 or for information about obtaining a hot works permit.)
The plastic deformation of a metal by processes such as rolling, forging, or extrusion, carried out at a temperature and strain rate such that substantial strain hardening does not occur but instead the metal continues to yield relatively easily because the metal is recrystallising continuously.
The rolling, forging or extruding of a metal at a temperature above its recrystallization point.