Definitions for "Holt"
Keywords:  otter, burrow, cave, hole, hiding
A deep hole in a river where there is protection for fish; also, a cover, a hole, or hiding place.
an otter's residence," said the otter
And under ground burrow, sea cave or rock hole used by an otter
Keywords:  hideouts, holz, lair, clump, fox
a small wood or clump of trees, like a hold or forest fastness, deriving from German Holz , "a wood
The lair of the fox or other animal in tree roots, banks, drains, or similar hideouts. Lodge.
Keywords:  holdeth, contr, sing, pres, hold
3d pers. sing. pres. of Hold, contr. from holdeth.
A piece of woodland; especially, a woody hill.
Software used by some investment managers to calculate and assess, among other things, CFROI.